Contract Cleaning

We understand the importance of a clean and hygienic environment in promoting the well-being of occupants and enhancing the overall image of your facilities.

Contract Cleaning

Nemchem International is a leader in the contract cleaning industry. We provide high quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers and workspaces. We combine the best people with the best technology and the best systems to deliver consistent, high quality service. Our chemistry is designed to combat tough stains and our technology is customised to reach hard to reach spaces.

Nemchem International caters to every Industry sector including hospitals, mines, schools and any corporate establishment. We strive to use innovative updated equipment, accessories and consumables to upgrade the quality of services at all times.

Nemchem International is a certified provider of commercial cleaning for a wide range of industries. We offer specialized commercial cleaning and disinfection for the following spaces:

  • Business and commercial spaces including banks, retail centers, business offices, and managed properties.
  • Civic and community spaces including religious facilities, government buildings, colleges, and schools.
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities including shipping centers, processing plants, and factories/manufacturing plants.
  • Mixed spaces or those with advanced cleaning needs including fitness centers, auto dealerships, day cares/schools and restaurants.
  • Hospital & Health CareMedical offices including dental clinics, surgical centers and doctors’ offices.
  • Mines and Heavy duty Industrial hygiene and production solutions.
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