Panda 1640 Vacuum Cleaner

Our IPC vacuum cleaners are models present in the current range, produced in the current year and come directly from the IPC manufacturer.
IPC Panda 640 is a professional quality wet and dry vacuum cleaner , capable of providing great suction power thanks to the use of 3 two-stage motors ; the extractor has a large 78-liter stainless steel tank that guarantees great autonomy, is easily transportable thanks to the large wheels and the practical push bow and can be easily emptied thanks to the tilting mechanism. The characteristics of the IPC Panda make it ideal for intensive use even by cleaning companies and ensure reliability and durability over time.

IPC Panda 640 is equipped with an integrated anti-foam device to protect the motor to prevent liquids and foam from reaching the motor and a chemical resistant gasket to protect the cylinder head. The filter used is treated with the innovative Sanifilter system , a type of treatment using silver ions that destroys the cell membrane of viruses, fungi, bacteria and microparasites to prevent their proliferation.


  • Flexible suction hose 2,5 m for 38 Ø tooling
  • Extension pipes and elbow
  • Dust brush 400 mm
  • Wet pick-up 400 mm
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • P.V.C. adapter
  • Upholstery tool


  • 2 Stage suction turbine motor
  • All motors are double insulated with independent
  • 78/63 litre stainless steel tilting tank
  • Dust and liquid suction
  • Antifoam device
  • Washable polyester cone-shaped Sanifilter
  • Crush proof suction hose
  • Shockproof plastic heads.