Sanitary Female Hygiene

Our Sanitary Bin service at Nemchem International is dedicated to providing a hygienic and convenient solution for the disposal of sanitary waste.

Sanitary Female Hygiene

Disposing of sanitary waste can be a sensitive and nerve-wrecking experience because poorly maintained hygiene sanitary bins are a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

Nemchem’s feminine hygiene unit service gives you the confidence that your visitors have a safe, hygienic and simple way to dispose of their sanitary waste.
Through customer feedback, we have created a supremely hygienic method of disposing sanitary waste. Each sanitary bin, houses an integral anti-microbial coating that prevents the spread of germs and contains a BioFresh insert that combats any unpleasant odours.

Our team of female professionals service every aspect of sanitary disposal, sanitizing the bin , sanitizing surroundings and leaving the environment free of germs and smelling sanitary.

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