IPC-H35 High Pressure Washer

IPC PW-H35 professional pressure washer, has been built specifically to last over time. For over 50 years IPC has been involved in the design and construction of professional pressure washers and it has reached the necessary expertise for obtaining a product capable of working without interruptions. IPC created PW-H35 aiming to reliability above all, always using high quality components.

PW-H35 has an extremely low maintenance, thanks to its innovative layout allowing an easy access to the internal parts.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Adjusting pressure and temperature is extremely easy and intuitive, thanks to the access to the internal components and the control panel.

  • Continuous pressure regulation
    A direct access to the pressure regulator makes any cleaning operation easy and safe
  • Temperature regulation
    A knob on the control panel facilitates any temperature adjustment

Main features

IPC connecting rod pump with brass head and ceramic pistons
By-pass valve separated from the pump with knob for adjustment
the valve has anti-unscrewing stops for the knob. The valve is accessible from the outside
It is equipped with the new stainless steel boiler and steel coil; above opening is possible for maintenance operations.
2 or 4 pole electric asynchronous motor (depending on the model) with air cooling
Remote control with Smart Total Stop
The machine is temporarily stopped after 15 ” if not operating or definitively in case of lack of water and / or in presence of circuit leaks
Painted steel frame
Shockproof plastic shell
305mm rear wheels, 125mm front wheels
Equipped with brake
Electric Cable Support
Fuel tank 25 L
Detergent tank 22 L
The filling connections have a convenient position
Built-in lance holder with locking system
Accessories storage
Control panel with ignition switch, thermostat, ECO Mode phase indication, Detergent tap, Pressure gauge
24V anti-limescale device with adjustable flow rate. The liquid can be easily added through the door without removing the cover.
Practical Hose Reel with Folding Handle


H35-D1310, H35-D1812, H35-D2017