IPC-H80 High Pressure Washer

IPC PW H80 professional pressure washer is created to last in time. For over 50 years IPC has developed its expertise in design and construction of professional pressure washers and it knows the importance of a machine that can work without interruption. IPC produced PW-H80 for obtaining an extremely reliable device, using high quality components.

PW H80 consumes 5.8 kg/h thanks to its efficiency. PW H80 is low maintainance in every part thanks to its innovative layout allowing an easy access to the internal components.


Adjusting pressure and temperature is extremely easy and intuitive thanks to the direct access inside and the control panel.

  • Continuous pressure regulation
    A direct access to the pressure control makes any cleaning operation easy and comfortable
  • Temperature regulation
    Any temperature adjustment is easy with a knob on the control panel


  • Hp pump connecting rod-crank system with brass head and ceramic pistons
  • 4-pole 1400 RPM electric motor with double bearing and thermal protection. This guarantees a longer life for the mechanical components
  • Stable and easy to carry
  • 125mm front wheels, 300mm rear wheels
  • The cleanser, the fuel and the water tanks are integrated with the trolley. They are equipped with drain plugs
  • High pressure detergent delivery
  • High performance boiler mounted on a steel plate with steel coil and double fumes pass
  • Descaling device with pump controlled by an electronic card. The descaler quantity can be adjusted according to the water hardness
  • knob for pressure adjustment and the steam phase accessible from the outside
  • the fan and the diesel pump are driven by an independent engine
  • The machine has a molded frame made of highly dense polyethylene
  • The trolley is equipped with lifting handles, an ergonomic handle making easy and comfortable any movement
  • Control panel with engine and burner ignition switch, adjustable thermostat, detergent tap, pressure gauge
  • Micro-leaks, fuel level and anti-limescale warning lights

H80-D2017, H80-D1921