PVT390 Auto Save Vacuum Cleaner (MAC0129)

This is a completely new approach to improved cleaning for both you and your team. The provision of our “on-board” drop-on / lift-off caddy gives you somewhere to keep all those essential items such as spray cleaner, dusters and cloths… always needed and always there! The ProVac range is a perfect example of combining the very best innovation into a single product range to produce exceptional results in many more ways than one could imagine. The enhanced power and performance from our TwinFlo vacuum technology are fully complemented by a combination of our new NST Sound Reduction and AutoSave energy conservation systems. HepaFlo filtration not only raises performance standards but provides for clean and convenient emptying when full.

  • 12.5 Metre Cable
    Professional specification cable
    rewind system
  • TriTex Filtration System
    Improves filtration, cleanliness
    and capacity.
  • Trolley Design
    Lift off storage caddy with the
    option of adding a second.
    Telescopic handle for ease of
    transit and compact storage.
  • On the Move
    Large rear wheels provide
    stability and ease of transport on
  • Plugged Mains Cable
    Cable replacement is quick and
    easy, if required.