NVQ370 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Featuring an all-steel head, the NVQ380 is not only provides exceptional strength, it’s also quiet and efficient.

The power head incorporates our MicroTec noise reduction system and the superb TwinFlo high-performance motor with handy NuCable system for quick and simple cable replacement and TriTex filtration system for improved filtration, cleanliness and capacity.

A tool for every job, always on hand and packs neatly away, with professional and versatile AS0 accessory kit.

  • Built to Last
    All steel deep-drawn power head provides exceptional strength.
  • Powerful & Efficient
    Patented MicroTec noise reduction system and TwinFlo motor.
  • Handy Cable Replacement
    NuCable system for quick and easy changing of cable.
  • Easy, Clean & Safe Emptying
    High efficiency, triple-layer HepaFlo filter bags.
  • A Tool For Every Job
    Professional and versatile AS0 accessory kit and Stainless Steel tube set.

  • Built to Last
    All steel deep-drawn head provides a
    structure of exceptional strength
  • Noise Reduction
    Patented Microtec noise reduction
  • Professional and Powerful
    Long life professional TwinFlo motor.
  • HepaFlo
    Easy to change high efficiency
    HepaFlo bags.
  • TriTex Filtration System
    Improve filtration, cleanliness and
  • Nucable System
    Quick and simple cable replacement,
    saving on expensive repairs due to
    damaged cables.
  • Professional Accessory Kit
    Accessory kit incorporates stainless
    steel tube set.